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High capacitance screw ceramic doorknob capacitor
Name:High capacitance screw ceramic doorknob capacitor
Published:2018-07-13 10:43:36Click to rate:


Low dissipation factor of 0.2% at 1 KHZ

好High frequency ≥550KHZ

High current ≥50mA

High voltage ≥1.5times

High insulation resistance ≥200000MΩ


High frequency & high voltage power supplies;

CO2 lasers, high voltage pulse generator

X-ray equipment

NDT (Non-destructive testing)

Airport security equipment

Ceramic dielectric properties

Dimension & Lead Style

Explanationt of part numbers

About N4700 ceramic

N4700 ceramic capacitor is successfully developed in recent years, a new type of ceramic, a ceramic material widely used in high-end products,compared to other Class I ceramic dielectric constant large, suitable for larger capacitance, resistance higher voltage, dissipation factor less than 0.2%, much lower than the average class II ceramic; insulation resistance is greater than200000MΩ, better frequency and characteristics of the temperature coefficient, withstand greater current, Its temperature variation of capacitance is within ±28% from -25°C to +85°C.


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