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Can high voltage ceramic capacitors be set to oper

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The so-called nominal voltage refers to the voltage marked on the capacitor, also called the rated voltage. Some users will ask: If the voltage is 50KV, can I work for a long time under the voltage of 50KV? Of course! Because of us The 50KVDC capacitor has a withstand voltage far exceeding 80KVDC. However, please note:
As we all know, long-term work, if it is full load, this will cause damage to the life of the capacitor. Because the safety margin of the voltage is not enough! If the life of the capacitor is long enough, the margin should be better! For example, 50KVDC Capacitors can be set to be used at around 30KV for a long time. We have also seen customers working as 20KV capacitors for a long time. For many years, there is no abnormality in the work under the cruel environment, that is, enough allowance!
In the power system standard, for example, the 10KV AC power grid requires that the capacitor's withstand voltage can reach or exceed 42KVAC. This is the reason. Because there is no small safety, the equipment is not allowed to have problems. !
Therefore, the correct usage is: It is recommended to use within the marked voltage, not to exceed the rated voltage, which will affect the life of the equipment!

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