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What is a high frequency capacitor?

Published:2018-06-15 17:35:17Click to rate:

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High-frequency capacitors are high-voltage capacitors that can operate in high-frequency environments above 1KHZ or in long-term operation in pulse frequency environments.
There are usually two types of high-frequency capacitors: one is a high-frequency capacitor, mainly a non-destructive test, a high-frequency circuit represented by an X-ray machine or a CT machine. The general frequency is between 20KHZ and 200KHZ. These capacitors generally use FC media. Y5T medium, N4700 medium. Among them, FC medium is the most stable, because the TC change rate of FC is relatively stable.
The other is a pulse capacitor, generally PC medium, SF medium, N4700 medium. Among them, the capacitor life of the PC medium is the longest, the SF is the second, and the medium of the N4700 is relatively poor. The same 50KV2000PF capacitor, if In the air pulsed at 30KV, after aging test, the pulse life of PC capacitor exceeds 3 million times, the pulse life of SF is about 1 million times, and the high voltage capacitor of N4700 medium has a life of about 50,000 times.

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