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What is the role of electronic transformers?

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The main functions of the electronic transformer are as follows: 1. The current and voltage information on the primary side of the power system is transmitted to the secondary to cooperate with the measuring instrument and the metering device, and the system current, voltage and electric energy can be measured once.
2. When the power system fails, the transformer can correctly reflect the current and voltage waveforms under fault conditions, and cooperate with the relay protection and automatic devices to protect and automatically control various faults of the power grid.
3. The usual measurement and protection devices cannot be directly connected to the high voltage, high current power circuit. The transformer isolates the primary side high voltage equipment and the secondary side equipment and system electrically, thus ensuring secondary equipment and personal safety.
The high voltage and large current on the primary side are converted into a secondary low voltage and a small current to standardize the measurement and relay protection.

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