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Factory direct 15kv500pf PE high power plate type

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Advantages of a 15KV high-power high-voltage plate capacitor:

mzp 厂家直销15kv500pf PE高功率板型电容 D110mm

Specification table of 2·15KV high power and high withstand plate capacitor:






















厂家直销15kv500pf PE高功率板型电容 D110mm 3厂家生产直销大功率高耐压90KVA板形率电容 13kv2000pf
If you have other requirements for the specifications of high-power high-voltage ceramic capacitors of plate type or need to customize other high-voltage ceramic capacitors of plate type, you can contact us directly, we can design and customize for you.
Material test table for three·15KV high power and high withstand plate capacitors:
The introduction of advanced ceramic material characteristics for Meizhi plate type high-power high-voltage ceramic capacitors, you can choose the most suitable products:

厂家直销15kv500pf PE高功率板型电容 D110mm 2厂家生产直销大功率高耐压90KVA板形率电容 13kv2000pf

Production site of four·15KV high-power high-voltage plate capacitors:
Meizhi Capacitor, 13 years of focus, only to do high quality and high technology capacitors. A large team of capacitor engineers and advanced production equipment technology produce high-quality plate-type high-power ceramic capacitors.

厂家直销15kv500pf PE高功率板型电容 D110mm07厂家生产直销大功率高耐压90KVA板形率电容 13kv2000pf

Advantages and application directions of five·15KV high power and high withstand voltage plate capacitors:
Meizhi high-voltage ceramic capacitors use military material media, with ultra-high voltage and ultra-high power frequency characteristics, low board, low internal resistance, suitable for aerospace vehicles, military radar, military laser weapons, smart grid, boost voltage doubler Circuit, digital metering box, police equipment, x-ray machine, ct machine. Security detection equipment, power equipment, instrumentation, mechanical equipment, negative ion generators, high voltage generators, etc.
Maxim's high-power high-voltage plate-type ceramic capacitors are mainly used for coupling, tank, bypass and feed circuits.·····
Application examples:

厂家直销15kv500pf PE高功率板型电容 D110mm厂家生产直销大功率高耐压90KVA板形率电容 13kv2000pf 应用

Advantages of the 6.1KV high-power high-voltage plate capacitors:
Meizhi plate type high-power high-voltage ceramic capacitors have always been aiming at high quality and high standards, and have received praise and affirmation from the majority of objective objects at home and abroad. This has filled us with confidence and motivation, and we are only doing our best to make every capacitor.

厂家直销15kv500pf PE高功率板型电容 D110mm厂家生产直销大功率高耐压90KVA板形率电容 13kv2000pf 06

7. Tell you why you should choose a high-power, high-voltage plate capacitor:
1. N4700 military material medium, achieving ultra-high capacitance, ultra-low partial discharge, ultra-low temperature drift.
2. The performance of capacitor products has been tested by professional institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and they are excellent in other capacitor products in the industry.
3. You can trust the ceramic capacitors used by the National Military Research Institute.
4. A large and professional team of capacitor engineers with superior technical capabilities.
5. High-quality and high-standard capacitor products are manufactured with one heart and only for each capacitor.
6. Meizhi Capacitor, 13 years of focus, quality is one, trustworthy.
8. Your specifications for Meizhi 15KV high power and high withstand plate capacitors:
To help you get the capacitor you want, we hope you can provide the following information on the specifications of high power ceramic capacitors.
1. The rated voltage of the ceramic capacitor _____kV DC
2. Capacitor operating frequency: __________HZ; working power: __________KVA.
3. Capacitor capacity: __________ PF; operating temperature range: __________ °C;
4. Environment of capacitor application __________ (transformer oil; SF6 gas; epoxy resin; air; gas environment)
5. Capacitor size: diameter __________ mm, height __________ mm.
(The selection table only lists some conventional products, special specifications can be designed and manufactured according to your requirements.)

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