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Bolt type (CT8G) high voltage ceramic capacitor 30

Published:2018-06-15 16:34:18Click to rate:

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Introduction of some basic parameters of high voltage ceramic capacitor MZC-CT8G-DL32-30KV-800PF
First of all, we will analyze the meaning of the item number: MZC, which is also the abbreviation of Meizhi Capacitor, also the trademark; CT8G, this is the serial number, CT8G stands for the screw type high voltage ceramic capacitor, DL32, where the letter DL is the material. We use the material of the N4700 as DL, and the number 32 followed by the diameter is 32MM; 30KV refers to the rated working voltage, that is, the nominal voltage is 30KVDC; 800PF means the rated capacity, that is, the nominal capacity is 800PF, sometimes we directly It is represented by 801M, and M is the capacity error level.
As can be seen from the above, we are going to introduce a 30KV800PF screw type high voltage ceramic capacitor. So, what are the characteristics of this capacitor? For example, its high-frequency material properties, temperature characteristics, peak voltage, and so on.

损 耗≤(%)
+22%  -33%
-30℃ +85℃

From the above table, we can find that the high-voltage capacitor with the characteristics of N4700 or DL material, the insulation resistance is quite large, and the insulation resistance of 200,000 megaohms. This is a gratifying data because it shows that the high-voltage capacitor of this material has a good The overcurrent characteristic can withstand large currents. The loss tangent is 0.2%, which is also very impressive, and the stability is good.
The temperature change rate, N4700 material is also good, the above table is proof that the temperature characteristics of this item may not be accepted by many special customer groups, because some products may work in higher temperature environments. However, this does not hinder the popularity of this capacitor, because it is rare to work in an ultra-high temperature environment.
So, what is the actual function of this capacitor? People look at it:
Working voltage: 30KVDC;
Test voltage: 45KVDC;
Breakdown voltage: 60KVDC or more;
Frequency: above 550KHZ;
Actual size: diameter 32MM, height 20MM, including screw length 24MM;
If you have a customer demand for this type of capacitor, you can contact Mr. He Pengfei, Meizhi Capacitor, Tel: 13549300303, E-mail: MZCTECH@HOTMAIL.COM, this high-voltage capacitor is suitable for products: this product is required by a neutron generator customer. Developed, it is suitable for high voltage generators, electrostatic generators, and many other products with suitable capacity and voltage. Because of the good material properties, coupled with special processes, the partial discharge is also in line with all customer needs in this regard. In terms of unit price, the cost is not high, and the tens of yuan of RMB will be fixed, and it is worthwhile!

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